Soul Selfies

Your Soul knows exactly what you need.

What you have to do. Were you should go. What to leave behind.

But how?

You really would like to have more freedomĀ  and fun in your life.

You feel overwhelmed.

You are stuck in some area’s in your life.

You’re tired of old patterns. They wear you out.

You are fed up with the work you do. Or the relationship you’re in.

You feel stuck, you don’t know in which direction to move.

You feel exhausted.


A bit lost some days.

Deep inside you know exactly what it is you want.

What it is you need. You are so ready to move on, to change and FINALLY be True to yourself now. To live your light and be your most happy self.

Stop wondering how.

Let me guide you to feel free and powerful again.

A Soul Selfie session is there for you if you are ready to take the next step and to give space to whatever wants to come through from Spirit and the Universe.

While we talk I draw you a unique and personal cartoon that will help you to live your Soul life.

The cartoon will serve you weeks or even months to live your best life. The session is there to reveil all of what’s inside of you.

Read here what clients say after they received a Soul Selfie Session.

A SoulSelfie session is an online session.

Your investment is 333 euro

(excluding VAT and excluding shipping outside of the Netherlands/Belgium)

Mail me at to book yours!❤