Soul Selfies

You already did so much.

You have been there.

Done that.

Got a t-shirt 😉.

You have been doing the right things.

The wrong things.

The most amazing things.

The scary things.

You have seen it all.

Done it all.

Other women are looking up to you.

You share your insights.

With love and understanding.

You feel loved and seen.

You know your bright light has the power to change the world.

However, you sense that there’s still untapped potential within you.

That your Soul has greater things in store.

And that there’s something deeper and more meaningful you’re yet to explore.

But how?

Imagine having a beautiful, unique cartoon of you and of what your Soul is guiding you to do!

A personalized artwork that reflects your innermost desires, strengths, and potential.

So you can spread your bright light into the world with confidence and with an inner knowing that this is exactly what you’ve come here to do.

I connect to your Soul and draw it's message for you.

I combine my extensive 30-year background as an illustrator with my intuitive insights and clear understanding in a very unique way.

During our online session, I will tap into the essence of your energy, channeling this immediately on paper while we talk!

Investing in a Soulselfie session, is investing in your new life.

The session will make you feel seen, lighter and more grounded at the same time.

Your Soulselfie will serve as a daily reminder of your amazing gifts.

So you can live a more fulfilling life ánd help others to do the same.


Your Soulselfie is captured on premium watercolor paper using a combination of watercolors, pencils, and fineliners.

The artwork measures 30×40 cm in size.

Right after our session, I will take a photograph of your unique creation and send it to you via email.

The physical drawing will be sent to your home, so you have the option to frame it, enabling you to cherish it for many years to come.

A recording of your session will also be sent by email, so you can listen to it as much as you want to.

Your investment:

222 euros

This includes your personalized painting and around 75 minutes of undivided attention from me, our Souls and guides.

Right after our session, you will receive a recording of our session as well as some photo’s of your Soulselfie.

The days after our session, your physical Soulselfie will be sent to you by post 📦, so you can frame it and hang it on your wall 🖼️

(All costs are included).

What others say about working with me:

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