from the 9th OF AUGUST (9 am) untill the 19th OF AUGUST (12 pm) 2022!!!

🎉🎁🎀Yes yes yes:

It is my freaking amazing and very longgggg lasting BIRTHDAY-present to you!

So send some awesome cards to your best friend, your mother, sister, niece, neighbour or mother…enjoy!

Grab your 55% discount and order below👇🏻

(55% off 2 euros is now 90 cents per card! -The discount doesn’t count for the shipping).

Blond Angel (ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands!)

Sending ánd receiving a real postcard is such a treat!

Because, honestly: with all of the Birthdaywishes through e-mail and whatsapp:

How fun is it to actually receive a card in your physical mailbox at home?

Send an encouraging card to your friend, mother, sister, colleague, neighbour, niece, mother-in-law.

Postcards: 2 euros each ( Exclusive shipping)

To order:

  • Send a mail to with Order Postcards in the header.
  • Mail the EXACT amount and of course which designs you want.
  • Add your full name and address.
  • I will send you a paymentlink.
  • After you’ve paid, the cards will be shipped.
  • Please note: If the cards you chose are not available at the moment I’ll let you know how long it will take to ship them.

Engel Afro (also available in English)
Angel Chinese
Engel Lang Zwart haar- (also available in English: Me? I am an angel!)
Je kan het!- Lang bruin haar
You can do this- Muslim girl
You can do this- Eldery woman
You can do this -Indian woman
You can do this – African woman
You can do this- Black Curly Hair
“Je kan het” (also available in English: You can do this!)