My Soul wanted to express herself.

In something else than illustrating or working with my clients.

So I started painting on canvas.
And I love it!
It is a perfect way for me to dive deeper into the things I know and feel.
The paintings come in fluently and straight from Source.
I am not interrupting😉.
They all are very different. 
But all of them have one thing in common:
They touch your Soul as well when you look at them.
So I decided to sell some of the paintings I’ve made.
The ones you see here are all for sale.
There will be more paintings here in the next few months.
If it is speaking to your Soul and you deeply feel you must have one, feel free to contact me for further details.
They don’t have names.
I don’t like that. 
And names are not important at all for the feelings they trigger.
(I only gave the files names so I am able to separate them).
Sizes are all different.
I paint with Acrylic on canvas.
N.B. Pictures will be better as well, and I’ll probably will add some video’s of the painting process as well soon.
Mail me of you are interested.
I am not working on commission.